Which Single Tooth Replacement Treatment is Best for You

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 12/21/2020

Dental Implant v. Fixed Bridge v. Removable Partial Denture v. Not Replacing Tooth


What is dental bonding? Do I need dental bonding?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 10/12/2020

Dental bonding is a common procedure that improves the appearance of a smile.


Do all my cavities need to be filled?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 09/28/2020

Many are apprehensive about trips to the dentist and having cavities filled.


What are all-on-four dental implants?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 09/14/2020

All-on-four dental implants look and function like real teeth.


What is silver diamine fluoride (SDF)?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 08/31/2020

Silver diamine fluoride, or SDF for short, is a liquid compound that is applied to teeth to stop cavities in their tracks.


How do I know if I grind my teeth?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 08/18/2020

Many people show signs of tooth wear from clenching and grinding.


What are Dental Implants? How much do dental implants cost?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 08/05/2020

A dental Implant is a substitute for the root of a natural tooth


What Exactly is Gum Disease?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 06/26/2020

Gum Disease: one of most common oral diseases, learn how to diagnose and treat.


What are all those colors on the toothpaste tubes? Which toothpaste is best?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 04/24/2020

We recommend that you chose a product that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance, and here is why!


Beautiful Same-Day Crowns with the CEREC System

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 02/16/2019

The Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics system has revolutionized the way that the team at Ingber Dental places dental crowns.


Clearing Up Common Misconceptions about Invisalign

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 01/17/2019

There is a lot of misinformation out there about Invisalign. It’s time to separate fact from fiction.


Why DIY Teeth Whitening May Hurt (Not Help) Your Teeth

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 12/18/2018

Are you interested in achieving a more dazzling smile with do-it-yourself teeth whitening? At Ingber Dental, our best advice is to tread carefully.


Porcelain Veneers Washington DC

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 11/18/2018

Porcelain veneers are one of the most frequently used tools in a cosmetic dentist’s toolbox.


Signs You Have TMJ Problems

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 11/09/2018

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder affects one of the most frequently used joints in the body.


How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 09/19/2018

Read on as the team at Ingber Dental explains how long you can expect a dental implant to last.


Giving New Life to Worn, Damaged Teeth

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 08/22/2018

Teeth are strong but they are not indestructible. Over time, the teeth can chip, crack, develop decay or simply wear down.


Am I Too Old for Braces?

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 08/21/2018

We are often asked by prospective candidates whether there are any age limits for braces. Read on for our answer.


A CPAP Isn’t the Only Solution for Sleep Apnea

Dr. Charles Porvaznik | 06/21/2018

Our sleep apnea provider believes it is important to offer his patients alternatives to CPAP machines for the treatment of sleep apnea.


Lightning-Fast Teeth Whitening: Brighten Your Smile in Time for Valentine’s Day

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 02/06/2016

Don’t let dingy or discolored teeth put a damper on your evening. There is an easy answer: teeth whitening or teeth bleaching.


Foods with Natural Whitening Powers

Dr. Kenneth Ingber | 05/14/2015

Incorporate the following foods into your diet and watch your teeth take on a brilliant gleam:


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