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Until recently, restorations demanded at least two dental visits since physical impressions were made and sent to a dental laboratory. Dr. Kenneth Ingber and his team of dental professionals are pleased to offer CEREC technology for same-day restorations. CEREC (short for ceramic reconstruction) uses CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) technology to produce the restoration at our office while you wait. Ingber Dental uses the CEREC system to make custom-made crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. The CEREC system can also be used for cosmetic dentistry to make custom-made veneers. This innovative treatment permits you to skip the discomfort and time of physical impressions and temporary covers. Schedule a consultation at our office in Washington, D.C. to learn more about CEREC restorations.

Best Candidates

Restorations by CEREC at Ingber Dental help you complete your restorative or cosmetic dental treatment in a single visit. You may get a custom-made crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, or veneers with CEREC technology. With CEREC, you can avoid several visits, messy physical impressions, and temporary covers. CEREC restorations can also be beneficial if you have a dental emergency, such as a cracked crown or tooth.

What to Expect

A CEREC procedure will start with a consultation so your unique treatment plan can be created. The process will need a digital scan of your mouth. The scan will help our team be able to design your restoration. From there, your restoration will be sent to the CEREC machine to be created. The amount of time needed to create your restoration will be dependent on its size. Once the restoration is created, we will finish and polish the piece before cementing it in place. We can then fix the restoration so it is comfortable and blends with your natural teeth.


After your restoration is made, it is imperative for you to keep up a good at-home oral hygiene routine. You also should schedule annual dental exams and bi-annual cleanings at our office in Washington, D.C. At each appointment, your restoration will be checked and any necessary repairs or adjustments will be made to help maintain your healthy smile for as long as possible. If cared for properly, ceramic restorations can last for many years.

Insurance Coverage

Dental restorations are often covered by dental insurance. We will contact your insurance to determine your policy and any out-of-pocket costs. If you do not have insurance, a member of our team will go over payments we accept, including low-interest financing.

CEREC One-Visit Restorations

Ingber Dental in Washington, D.C. understands that time is important and multiple follow-up appointments are sometimes not easy. That is why our patients love the convenience of CEREC same-day restorations. Without compromising quality, we can complete your treatment in one visit with a custom ceramic crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, or veneers. Contact our office to schedule your consultation to learn more about CEREC technology.

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