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Accidents happen, which is the reason why Dr. Kenneth Ingber and his dental team offer emergency dental care at our office in Washington, D.C. Some common oral injuries are cracked, broken, and knocked-out teeth. Incidents could be caused by biting or chewing food that is too tough for your teeth to handle, a mishap while playing sports, a bad fall, or a blunt-force injury. You may or may not feel pain, but it is important to have your mouth checked after an injury to look for hidden damage. At Ingber Dental, we will consistently make your dental emergency a priority by giving fast treatment and steps to prevent future problems.

Best Candidates

At some point, you may require emergency care if a tooth or restoration comes out, you are in pain, or your tooth is cracked. In some situations, you may be unsure how quickly you need treatment (for example, a loose tooth or restoration, a trauma that does not cause pain or bleeding, or a chipped tooth). Whenever you experience an injury to your mouth, including your teeth, gums, or jawbone, it is best to speak to our office. Our staff can help you decide when to come in, strategies to manage any pain, and how to preserve your tooth or restoration. Even smaller injuries can result in bigger issues if not treated right away so it is better to contact our office immediately.

What To Expect

Every dental emergency is unique so we will carefully assess your mouth before a diagnosis at your appointment. X-rays may be required to check for additional issues. Once the extent of your condition is understood, we will talk to you about options and create your treatment plan. You may need one or a number of visits to restore your mouth.


Based on your problem, a member of our team will give you instructions to help you heal after your treatment at Ingber Dental. We may write you a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication that needs to be taken as directed. Additionally, we will tell you if you need to schedule an appointment for another procedure or a follow-up exam. Once your dental emergency is medicated, you may talk to a member of our team about ways to prevent future injuries, including a custom mouth guard to be worn while playing sports. You need to continue to stick to a regular home oral care regimen with brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. During your annual dental exam at Ingber Dental, we will continue to observe your healing progress.

Insurance Coverage

If you are using dental insurance, we will contact your provider to ascertain your coverage once your treatment plan has been created. For those without dental insurance, Ingber Dental accepts several payment methods and we can help you find low-interest financing to make your treatment more affordable. Do not delay treating a dental emergency because of concerns over cost because waiting might lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

Emergency Dental Care

When you have pain, bleeding, or are experiencing an injury to your mouth, contact Ingber Dental for emergency dental care. Dr. Ingber, along with his team, will work to deal with your pain and repair any damage to your teeth, gums, jaw, or dental restorations. Efficient, quick treatment is the key to saving your oral health and preventing future problems so do not hesitate to contact our office in Washington, D.C. for assistance.

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