Which Single Tooth Replacement Treatment is Best for You

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So you have a missing tooth. Should you replace it? With what? How to decide.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is the remaining space compromising the esthetics

    of my smile?

  2. I the missing tooth effecting my ability to chew my

    food the way I like.

  3. Is something going to happen that is bad if I don’t

    replace it?

Let’s assume for arguments sake that you have decided to leave the space as is. It doesn’t show, doesn’t hurt, and the budget is tight, etc.

What may happen is that the tooth on either side has a statistically high probability to move towards the remaining space. In addition the opposing tooth could

drift up or down depending on whether the space is on top or bottom. THIS CAN BE PREVENTED.

If you wear retainers which keep the adjacent and opposing teeth from moving, i.e. retain their position, you’ll be fine. Not the ideal solution though.

If you want to replace the missing tooth there are several options.

  1. The best is an implant. It has the best statistical success rate - over 97%. A crown would be connected to the implant and you may be set for life.

  2. Before the early 1980’s a fixed bridge was the solution of choice. If there was a tooth behind and in front of the space, these teeth would be prepared for a bridge (sometimes this is called cutting down the teeth), even if the remaining tooth was healthy. The prognosis of a fixed bridge however is very good, not as good as option 1, the implant.

  3. A removable partial denture can also replace the missing tooth. It should be removed during sleep and has the lowest success rate, although it does solve the immediate problem. sometimes this is the choice chosen for budgetary reasons.

What is the difference in cost?

1. An implant is the more expensive replacement at the time of treatment.


2. Over the long term, an implant will be less expensive, due to its success rate.

We, at Ingber dental provide expert dental implant treatment, all done in our office by trained clinicians, including some of the most skilled surgeons. we have been providing this treatment for over 35 years. We invite prospective patients to schedule a complimentary initial examination.

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