What are all those colors on the toothpaste tubes? Which toothpaste is best?

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We are asked all the time "What do the colored blocks at the end of my toothpaste tube mean? Does it tell us what the ingredients are? Do some tubes with certain colors mean the toothpaste inside the tube is better than a tube with another color?" In reality, these colored codes, according to Scientific American, do not tell the consumer what the contents of the toothpaste are, as many thought. The color codes at the end of the tube allow machines that prepare the tubes to know where to seal or cut them.

Which toothpaste is best? Simply stated, you should use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Beyond that, some toothpaste brands claim to be beneficial for patients experiencing hypersensitivity. The major brands have researched diminishing tooth hypersensitivity. Sensodyne, Crest, and Colgate have excellent products in which they have data to support their contention. There are additional kinds of toothpaste that have similar claims which have proven for the most part to be valid. Of course, all of these products also must have fluoride.

Toothpaste contents can be determined by reading the contents information printed both on the package and tube. Most toothpaste contains the same basic ingredients, humectants to keep the gel or paste soft, abrasives to help clean the teeth, detergents and flavoring agents to help the toothpaste foam. We recommend that you chose a product that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. There are special toothpaste that has more significant amounts of fluoride that we prescribe in special situations (e.g. Prevident)

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