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Review from C.L.  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Jun 02, 2004

I came to Dr. Ingber in the winter of 2003. It started with a small call to his office in reference to dental implants. At the time I was wearing an upper denture and was very uncomfortable with that. I would hate going places as I had a fear that my denture would come loose. I had started an implant procedure with another dentist in the NO. VA area, but was very discouraged as he was not listening to what I was saying. I called Dr. Ingber‘s office and was very surprised that he actually returned my call within an hour. I explained over the phone exactly what I was looking for and he told me immediately “No problem”. I met with Dr. Ingber two days later and after taking x-rays he told me exactly what he could for me. The next step was the “hard” one as I was given the price of this procedure. WOW!!! Dr. Ingber emailed me the very next day to see how I felt about what he presented me with. “I just can’t afford that” was the only response I could come can come up with. One hour later I received an email from Dr. Ingber with a solution to both my problems money and implants. He tailor-made a situation for me in regards to not going broke in receiving the implants at the same time. The next step was the operation - wow talk about being scared! I was met that morning down in the lobby by Alex who works for Dr. Ingber, right away I was put at ease by Alex. Next I was greeted by the entire staff as I walked in and again was put at ease. Dr. Arzadon then performed the implant surgery and was absolutely incredible. Once again I was put at ease by Dr. Arzadon and he talked me through the entire procedure. Much to my surprise the pain afterword’s was very minimal. From this point forward I have been in the very wonderful care of Claudia who works very closely with Dr. Ingber. She is an absolute “angel” and I can honestly say that I have never met a person who takes more pride in their work. It took exactly one year from the start to finish the product. The difference this has made in my life has been beyond actual words. I no longer worry about my teeth at all and I always have people tell me how nice of a smile that I have. Dr. Ingber provided me with exactly what I had in mind and best of all was always willing to work with me on the cost. Although I will say knowing what I know now, I would have spent much more to feel the way I do. Thank you Dr. Ingber!!! More

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