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In response to many of my patients I have decided to start a blog on my website. The purpose of this is to share my current thinking about various areas of modern dentistry. This will include but is not limited to Preventive Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Restorative Dentistry, Oral Facial Pain (often referred to as TMJ pain), Orthodontics, Invisalign, Dental Insurance, Complex Dental Problems and related subjects.

The first topic I will begin a discussion on is Cosmetic Dentistry. I have been active in this field for the past 30 years. I was fortunate enough to do the dentistry for Nicholas Cage in the Francis Ford Coppola film ‘Mary Sue Got Married.’ The precision necessary in working for the big screen had a defining effect in the Cosmetic Dentistry aspect of my practice.

Who should have Cosmetic Dentistry procedures performed for them and why? This is a very difficult question in many situations and obvious in others. I look forward to receiving comments from readers of this blog.

If a person’s smile is the way it is because of nature, then a strong argument can be made to not change it. If a smile has been altered due to intrinsic staining (e.g. Tetracycline staining or staining resulting from a high fever when a child), Cosmetic Dentistry is an excellent way to restore the smile to its original look.

Cosmetic Dentistry can involve a multitude of treatment modalities including porcelain laminate veneers, porcelain crowns (caps), bonding, porcelain onlays, tooth colored restorations (fillings), etc.

Missing teeth warrant, in most cases, replacement. Often dental implants are indicated in order to achieve the best final result. Dental implants will be the subject of a future blog.

I look forward to hearing from both current patients of my practice and prospective patients. Please feel free to send in comments or, if preferable,email me at [email protected].

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